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"As someone who has never dealt with an office move, the Relocation Planner helped immensely. Without this system in place, we would have never been as successful as we were in planning the move to our new location. The Planner covers every checklist possible from budget, furniture, security, to purging and communication and also accounts for the small details that matter such as approval process and timeline. We could not have done this move without the Relocation Planner!"
Jamie P. Escobar
HR Manager & Executive Assistant to CEO
Balanced Body Inc.
"Relocation Planner is a one-stop-shop for all project needs-communication, deliverable tracking and budget which allowed our team to complete our relocation on-time, on-budget, and our staff started their first day in our new location without incident."
Jovina Neves
Associate Executive Director Finance & CFO
Stanford Home for Children
"Relocation Planner identifies every task necessary for the successful completion of a tenant improvement and/or relocation project. The product is so detailed that even those with little or no experience can be successful, guiding you through each important step one at a time ensuring your project stays on time and within budget. And most impressive is that Relocation Planner leaves you with a portfolio of record of why decisions were made, and who was responsible for making them. After the move to our new headquarters almost two years ago, I have referred back to the tool a number of times to refresh my memory regarding the project approval process and timeline of events!"
Lisa Blatnick, Director
Facilities Management
California State Teachers' Retirement System
"Relocation Planner was remarkable in its ability to make an exceedingly complex set of over 1,000 tasks and responsible parties seem quite simple."
Tom McCarthy
Operations Director
"Relocation Planner was unparalleled in its support of our tasks and enabled us complete our project on-time and within budget. While this tool is simple and easy to use, the time and effort it saved us is priceless."
Victoria A. Kosha
Senior Vice President, Finance & Operations
United Way
"Relocation Planner allowed the team to quickly identify, assign, and track an extensive catalog of relocation tasks, many of which may have been overlooked without this tool. Relocation Planner helped deliver an on time, no surprises move-in."
Russ Konig, CCM, LEED AP
Project Manager, Design & Construction
"CA is a very active company from a real estate perspective, and prides itself on being able to manage relocations and build out projects effectively and with minimal resources. However, bringing BCS into the equation allowed us to take our design, construction, move and staffing operations to a higher level, and we have now adopted the Relocation Planner as the primary tool for management of such projects."
Bryan Urquhart, Senior Vice President
Finance & Administration
"As a seasoned real estate service provider, I always look for new and creative ways to provide better services to my clients. Relocation Planner has proven to be an invaluable tool and resource for my clients and it has helped me to secure new accounts. Relocation Planner is a comprehensive and user friendly software platform. The software enables even the most seasoned facilities managers to more accurately and comprehensively manage the Relocation Process. Relocation Planner is a Game Changer for the commercial real estate service professional!"
Lawrence E. Easterly, MCR
Senior Vice President
Grubb & Ellis Company
"The project team was challenged with a 24 month schedule for design and construction of a 250,000 sf County Administration Building and relocating 540 employees into the new building. In order to meet this schedule, the relocation of all 540 employees had to happen over a period of 4 weekends at the end of the project. Using BCS and Relocation Planner software made it possible as it covered all the details necessary to make the move possible without any delays or disruption in service to the Public. The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget."
Gabriel Karam, P.E., LEED AP
Facilities Management Director
San Joaquin County

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