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What Is Office Relocation Planner

Office Relocation Planner (ORP) was created to guide Tenants from the site selection process through the turnover of your existing facility. In addition, this software addresses the most common Tenant challenges:

  1. Defining project requirements and developing a "realistic" budget.
  2. Identifying (and contracting with) the vendors that you need.
  3. Understanding the Tenant's project responsibilities.

Defining Your Project Requirements and Developing a "Realistic" Budget

This application includes several useful templates (e.g., Items to Consider and sample Scopes of Work) designed to help you define your specific project requirements. There are documents that will help you define your new space requirements, technology, furniture, etc. Once you have incorporated your project requirements into a draft scope of work, we encourage you to solicit scope and pricing feedback from your prospective vendors (e.g., perform market research). Use vendor input to shape your final bid package and to develop a "realistic" budget at the early stage of your project.

Identifying (and contracting with) the Vendors That You Need

Under the "Budget" icon, we have compiled a list of vendor services commonly associated with office Tenant Improvement projects. In addition, we have developed a vendor contracting timeline so that you can determine how long it will take to hire the vendors that you need. Plan to have all vendors providing design input (e.g., technology, furniture, security, etc.) under contract and present at the initial programming meeting.

Understanding the Tenant's Project Responsibilities

Within the Project Summary is a collection of 16 icons that describe tenant activities and responsibilities commonly associated with a Tenant Improvement project. In addition, for projects that are 27,500 RSF or less, ORP provides you with suggested due dates for your deliverables. Carefully review all scheduled dates with your project team and make all necessary changes. Having access to this level of information at the start of your project will allow you to make informed decisions to ensure your project's success.

Relocation Planner is meant to be viewed on a wide screen and is only viewable in landscape mode. If you are using a tablet please turn it landscape.

Thank you - The Relocation Planner Team