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Features and Benefits


Office Relocation Planner provides over 50 templates available to download, edit and upload:

Schedules and Forms

  • Project Requirements
  • Move Schedule
  • Move Activity Schedule
  • Elevator/Dock Delivery Schedule
  • Training Schedule
  • Landlord/Elevator/Vendor Coordination Form
  • Pre-Install Agenda

Reports and Dashboards

  • Milestone Schedule— based upon the RSF and Lease expiration date information entered during registration. This schedule applies to projects that are 27,500 RSF or less.
  • Activity Due Date—creates your Look Ahead Schedule
  • Activity Search—allows you to search the entire database
  • Dashboard
    • Icon Summary—quantifies remaining activities within each Icon
    • Milestone Summary—tracks your progress between the five (5) milestones created in the Milestone Schedule


  • Construction
  • Office

Items to Consider

  • Technology
  • Audio Visual
  • Furniture
  • Security

Scopes of Work

  • Audio Visual
  • Furniture vendor
  • Security vendor
  • Mover/Salvage vendor

Other software features include

  • Pre-defined Activities—are Tenant activities and responsibilities commonly associated with a commercial office Tenant Improvement project.
  • Add New Activity—allows you to add additional activities. If your new activity has an associated file, please select "File" so that the file icon will turn red indicating the presence of a file related to this activity.
  • Hide Done and N/A activities—selecting this button allows you to view only those activities that have not been checked or checked as "In Progress."
  • Files—allow you to upload additional files within any of the 16 icons.
  • Notes--allow you to capture (via key entry or copy/paste) up to 65,000 characters to store key information about each activity.
  • Auto E-Mail—allows you to send multiple e-mails at once by entering a date range. This e-mail serves to remind project team members of their designated activities within the date range selected.
  • Edit—allows you to revise any activity (assuming you have the proper User level).
  • Vendors—introduce you to vendors commonly associated with office Tenant Improvement projects.


  • Prepares you for site selection, design, construction, relocation and post-move phases.
  • Incorporates valuable Lessons Learned and Best Practices gained on over 8,000,000 SF of office tenant improvements.
  • Defines your key activities, responsibilities and suggested "due dates" (for projects that are 27,500 RSF or less).
  • Allows you to identify, prioritize and manage your project responsibilities.
  • Let's you know when something is due or past due. The Calendar is designed to take you to either (1) the earliest project due date or (2) your earliest due date once you have selected "Show Only Your Activities" which is located at the upper right corner of the Calendar screen.
  • Provides one location for your project files and notes.
  • Provides examples of how to complete the Templates and Forms.
  • Saves you time and money by not having to create your own process or Templates from scratch.
  • Improves project communication and accountability.
  • Dashboards and Reports generate meaningful information within seconds.
  • Reduces finger pointing.
  • It's accessible from any high-speed Internet connection.
  • It's highly intuitive and extremely efficient.
  • It's hosted in a secure environment. Refer to FAQ's for more information.

Relocation Planner is meant to be viewed on a wide screen and is only viewable in landscape mode. If you are using a tablet please turn it landscape.

Thank you - The Relocation Planner Team